mole damage
rodent damage
wasps nest
bird damage
Mole Damage
Rodent Damage
Wasp Nest
Bird Damage

All of the pest species and relevant methods can be dealt with and applied by Purbeck Pest and Wildlife Services


How Purbeck Pest and Wildlife Services can help
Moles Trapping
Rabbits Trapping / Gassing / Ferrets / Shooting / Fencing
Rodents Rodenticides / Exclusion / Proofing
Wasps Insecticide sprays / Powders / Traps
Fleas Insecticide sprays / Powders
Insects Residual insecticide sprays / Baits
Birds Proofing / Shooting / Cage traps
Squirrels Trapping / Exclusion / Proofing


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Insect Infestation
Rabbit Damage
Mouse Droppings
Flea Infestation
insect infestation - earwigs
rabbit damage
mouse droppings